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Honeycomb - "cut comb honey" (approximately 150g) - COLLECTION ONLY

Honeycomb - "cut comb honey" (approximately 150g) - COLLECTION ONLY

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Honey as it comes out of the beehive, untouched by human hand.  

Cut comb honey is a treasured delicacy of honey aficionados worldwide - nothing can beat the taste of pure honeycomb.  

The geometric hexagonal patterns of the wax cells the bees store the honey in, and then cap with a thin layer of wax, are fascinating to behold.

You can eat it whole, or spread it on bread or toast (or anything else!)

Our honey comes exclusively from our own local beehives and those of trusted beekeepers in East Sussex.

** Note honeycomb cannot be shipped as it is too fragile, collection only from Bexhill-on-Sea **


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