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Classic Raw Honey, 2 jar set (2x227g/8oz) - one each of Liquid and Set honey

Classic Raw Honey, 2 jar set (2x227g/8oz) - one each of Liquid and Set honey

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The classic honey we've been producing for many years, a great favourite.  

This two jar mixed set lets you try out both Liquid (runny) and Set (crystallised) honey to see which you prefer - and remember that you can "magically" transform set honey back into liquid honey by standing the jar in a saucepan of warm (not boiling!) water for a couple of hours - almost all pure liquid honey will set over time, this is a perfectly natural process.

All of the honey produced by Purely Bees is Pure Raw Honey - meaning that it has not been heated or subjected to excessive filtering, and is therefore totally natural. Our honey is harvested and processed differently to mainstream honey producers who usually centrifuge the honeycomb at high speed, then heat and finely filter the honey to make it appear clear. We cold press our honeycomb and coarse filter the honey, then bottle it immediately to produce what we believe is the purest form of honey available. Our honey comes exclusively from our own local beehives and those of trusted beekeepers in East Sussex.

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